A radically new approach to talent scouting in the streaming age

      Scout music talent in over 80 countries, integrate your scouting sources and enhance workflow and collaboration between teams.

    • Tap into the global talent pool

      Using thousands of data sources and by analyzing hundreds of thousands of new music releases each week, RAD/AR is discovering, tracking and monitoring independent talent in over 80 countries.

    • Build your own talent discovery pipelines with RAD/AR virtual scouts

      RAD/AR virtual scouts are autonomous search engines that everyday sift through hundreds of thousands of artists and tracks to surface the talent you're looking for.


      Creating RAD/AR virtual scouts is easy. Create as many as you wish, configure each for different scouting objectives and leave them to run unattended.


      For example, maybe you want to find new artists by genre or listener location. Perhaps you want to further filter by social media activity, fan following, media visibility and release history. No matter what criteria you use, RAD/AR virtual scouts will find and rank matching talent and notify you of new or hot discoveries.

    • Cut through the noise and listen with auto-generated playlists

      We have integrated RAD/AR with Spotify, so your RAD/AR virtual scouts can generate daily playlists for you to easily evaluate the artist's discovered.

    • No more data headache

      Artist and track data gets automatically updated daily and your RAD/AR virtual scouts will highlight the new and fast movers for you.


      Additionally, intuitive data summaries are available that provide insights into each artists fan following, listener growth and track popularity.

    • Unify scouting teams and processes

      We love Slack and have discovered that many of you do too. We have integrated RAD/AR to Slack so you can seamlessly share artists and tracks across workspaces and receive notifications on trending and new artists on the go.

    • KWL is partnering with forward-thinking organizations

      To find out how we can benefit your business while helping artists take their careers to the next level, please contact us below.